Adele A. Roberts

Adele A. Roberts was born in a small town in Western Michigan. After graduating from high school she continued her education and received a B.A. in education, an M.A. in counseling and a CDA in early childhood development. She created the character of Sammy over forty years ago, and began telling her make-believe stories to her students.

She started writing the first story of Sammy when a young student asked if there was a book about the little skunk. Although it wasn’t a priority at the time to write stories, she finished part of the first story and set it aside. Years later she found the old cardboard box containing the aged, colored papers of her first story. It was at this time she realized she needed to complete the task she had begun so many years before.

Adele presently lives in Oliver Springs, TN with her husband. They have one son who is the founder and director of the Kids4truth International Bible Clubs that teach Bible doctrine to children K thru 6th grade. His website is

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