Denise Sherriff

Denise Sherriff lives in Ooltewah, Tennessee, and is married to Richard Sherriff. She lovingly supports him in all his endeavors. She is also a zealous mother to Anthony, her twenty-three-year-old son, a college student studying psychology and neuroscience.

Those who know Denise say that she has a shepherd’s heart and perseveres in finding and serving those who need her. She feels it is her responsibility to share what she has learned. In fact, mentoring is her passion.

Denise says, “Life’s experiences have given her the faith of David to slay giants, the strength of Samson to move virtual mountains, and the wisdom like Solomon to make wise choices.” Denise and her husband serve as elders at their church, speak messages of encouragement to those incarcerated, participate in City Share outreaches, support awareness of human trafficking, and facilitate a Prayer Force Team.