Jon Dalvy

Jon is a Nashville, TN-based creative writer and illustrator, his work spanning from professional theatre to movie reviews and literary fiction. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Jon’s used his multiple creative degrees to pursue storytelling in many forms.

He’s told tales as a published playwright with The Nashville Repertory Theatre, a pop-culture writer for, and led several creative ventures during his four-year career as head writer of crafting content for Disney, TIME, People, MTV, and many others. His heart, however, has never held a tale so dear as it does The Ballad of Titha Mae, his debut children’s fantasy novel crafted from his own life and love of the genre.

Jon harbors a sincere love for and deep fascination with humanity’s great mythologies, as well as wildlife and all of natural history. He is an avid outdoorsman in his free time, and worked for several years at the Nashville Zoo where he was trained and certified in Behavioral Husbandry.

All of his life experiences and passions have been poured into The Ballad of Titha Mae; it’s 80,000 words rich with Celtic & Norse Mythological influence, vibrant fantasy races, countless beasts, critters, wildlife, and nature so real you’ll wish to walk among it. It is his sincerest hope that you’ll do just that, and that your heart will carve out a Luna-shaped spot for Titha and her companions, too.