Ray Strobo

My wife, Winnie, and I grew up in Thomasville, GA. Following graduation from college, I had careers in Manufacturing and Recruiting. Upon retirement, I began dabbling as a freelance writer.

Winnie and I have been married 57 years. We moved to Knoxville in 1978 and this is now home. We have two daughters, and seven grandchildren.

My hobbies include hunting, fishing, church work, genealogy, reading, and writing.

My first, and only, book, “Founding fathers: Atheists? Deists? Are You Sure?”, was published by WestBow Press in October, 2017. I did not set out to write this book, or any other book, and will probably never write another one. (It took me eight years to write and publish this one.)

I have learned a great deal about the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, particularly their religious beliefs. I think my grandkids, and the world, need to know the part that religion played in the founding of the United States. Parts of the Internet and the media would have us believe that religion played little or no role in the founding of this country. The Historical Record disproves that misconception. It became my quest to uncover and share what the Historical Record had to say about these men who “turned the world upside down”, including what they believed religiously.